With optional:

Cooling Chiller

   - This is unit to supply coolant to cooling line. With four model versions.

Vacuum pump

   -  Oil rotary and head direct connection type. Feature of this type is convenient to operate and move because of it`s small size and light weight. With four model versions.

Tube Furnace Package

  • Tube Furnace Package including four models for 1200℃ Furnace and 1500℃ Furnace and 1700℃ / 1800℃ Furnace:

    •For 1200℃ Furnace:


    FU-PK-G1 Furnace

    FU-PK-G2 Furnace

    FU-PK-G3 Furnace

    FU-PK-G4 Furnace


    •For 1500℃ Furnace:


    FU-PK-H1 Furnace

    FU-PK-H2 Furnace

    FU-PK-H3 Furnace

    FU-PK-H4 Furnace


    •For 1700℃ / 1800℃ Furnace:


    FU-PK-S1 Furnace

    FU-PK-S2 Furnace

    FU-PK-S3 Furnace

    FU-PK-S4 Furnace