Simultaneous CO2/H2S Analyzer, by Acidification and Coulometric Detection, is a complete analytical system typically used for the analysis of amine solutions that are used to remove environmentally controlled emissions from flue gases

CM740 System- Simultaneous CO2/H2S

  • CM5016 Dual CO2/H2S Coulometer CM5330 Acidification Module

    CM5131 Acidification Sample Kit (10ml flasks)

    CM5132 Acidification Sample Kit (25ml flasks)

    CM5133 Acidification Sample Kit (50ml flasks)

    and/or CM5134 Acidification Sample Kit (100ml flasks)

    Tools and accessories


    System Voltage:

     CM740-01 for 110V 50/60Hz

     CM740-02 for 220V 50/60Hz

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