System for Total Carbon (TC), Total Organic Carbon (TOC), and Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) measurements in solid and liquid samples using high temperature combustion, acidification, and coulometric detection


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CM150 System

  • CM5017 CO2 Coulometer

    CM5300 Horizontal Furnace

    CM5321 Furnace Kit for liquids and/or

    CM5322 Furnace Kit for solids

    CM5323 Sample Introduction Kit for small sample volume and/or

    CM5324 Sample Introduction Kit for large sample volume

    CM5330 Acidification Module

    CM5131 Acidification Sample Kit (10ml flasks)

    CM5132 Acidification Sample Kit (25ml flasks)

    CM5133 Acidification Sample Kit (50ml flasks) and/or

    CM5134 Acidification Sample Kit (100ml flasks)

    Tools and accessories

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