600mm Length Hot Zone


•Safety Device

- Automatic reset function incoming power cut

- Buzzer on when set time arrived

- Over temperature protection



- Multi gas inlet module can be added per request.

600mm Length Hot Zone 1200°C Gas Flow Package

  • 1200°C Gas Flow Package including Gas Flowmeter 1EA, Stainless Steel Pipe & Connector, Gas Sealing Mask, Quartz Tube (Length 1200 mm) components and 1200°C Tube Furnace. Included in four versions:

    SH-FU-50LTG-WG Gas Flow Package

    SH-FU-80LTG-WG Gas Flow Package

    SH-FU-100LTG-WG Gas Flow Package

    SH-FU-120LTG-WG Gas Flow Package