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The primary products for UIC are the coulometric carbon analysis systems.These systems are used extensively by the university, geological, oceanographic, petroleum and cleanliness verification markets.

The carbon analysis systems have the ability to determine total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and surface carbon (SC) in solids, liquids, slurries and gases.

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SH Scientific has long been an outstanding provider of equipment to laboratory and production customers in the extraction & processing, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries. 

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Hand Sanitizer

Active ingredient alcohol 80%

We offer hand sanitizer in several sizes:

Pallet of 36 buckets, 5 gal. each

Case of 4 jugs, 1 gal. each

Case of 12 bottles, 32 oz. each

Case of 12 bottles, 16 oz. each

Case of 12 bottles, 8 oz. each

Case of 24 bottles, 4 oz. each

Case of 24 bottles, 2 oz. each

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